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Chanting 101 with Jessica Fein

Maybe you still feel a little uncomfortable opening your mouth to OM at the beginning and ending of yoga class… Or maybe you’ve always wanted to explore chanting a little deeper. This is your chance to learn and practice in a fun, super relaxed atmosphere with other yogis! 

This introductory mantra workshop explains the history, technology and practice of the sound A-U-M as well as other essential mantras that can deepen your yoga and meditation practice. You will experience first-hand the powerful vibrational effects of mantra during the workshop!

Jessica will share a few basic concepts in singing technique as well as some helpful tips to chant and tone with more ease. After covering the bases, we will put what we learn into action by chanting together. Prepare to laugh, get lifted and leave with some serious knowledge.

$45 for a single session or $70 for the mantra weekend. SIGN UP HERE!