Tropical Vinyasa 200 Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you are looking to teach or to deepen your knowledge of yoga, the Tropical Vinyasa 200 Hour Professional Teacher Training will give you the confidence and skills to carve your own yoga path. This training dives into study of yoga and the art of teaching led by Tropical Vinyasa founders Paul Toliuszis and Amy Dannheim. 

Under the guidance of Paul, who has led over forty teacher trainings, Amy and the Tropical Vinyasa teacher collective, this training covers powerful spiritual and physical principles in a community of like-minded yogis. Tropical Vinyasa's 200 Hour Teacher Training adheres strictly to the Yoga Alliance guidelines, allowing you to move forward on your yoga journey with the knowledge and understanding to be a yoga teacher and leader in your own life.


"If your goal is to learn how to be successful in the yoga business, there is no better course available. Paul surprises you every time you encounter him with yet another level of depth in his knowledge and understanding of what yoga is. You leave each training session having experienced profound change." -KC

"You have no idea how much this teacher training has impacted my life. You built me up from being broken, scared, and without passion. Thank you for every word, every gesture, smile and hug." -JH

“I signed up for this training looking to learn the best way to do the postures, and ended up with that - plus so much more. After ten years of practicing yoga, this was the best thing I have done for my practice. I truly forged life-long friendships” -VW



  • Asanas, including sanskrit names, proper alignment, modifications, contra-indications and benefits

  • Introduction to physical anatomy

  • Energetic anatomy and the science of the chakras

  • Introduction to meditation and pranayama

  • Learn the history of yoga and yogic philosophy

  • The 8-Limb yoga philosophy

  • Intro to Sanskrit and mantra chanting

  • Finding your unique and authentic teaching voice

  • How to teach an excellent yoga class

  • Practical yoga teaching experience

  • Safe and effective hands-on adjustments

  • The secrets of vinyasa yoga sequencing

  • How to successfully open and operate a yoga studio

  • How to teach any level of class and private clients

  • Extensive study of intelligent and proper sequencing

  • Personal development and self-exploration

  • Communication and ethics in yoga teaching

  • Learn the business and marketing of yoga


This training gave me the tools I needed to step out into the world as a confident yoga teacher with the science and knowledge to back it up. I didn’t want the training to end! I made new friendships, learned about myself and really got the true meaning of yoga. - JA

Fall 2019 Training

September 14 - November 24, 2019

Saturdays and Sundays



3,000.00 3,750.00


paul toliuszis

One of the most experienced yoga teacher trainers in the United States and internationally, Paul Toliuszis has been leading teacher training groups for over twenty years. Paul is the co-founder of Tropical Vinyasa. He began practicing yoga in 1992, and in 1998 founded the first of three successful yoga schools in Miami Beach. Over the past two decades, Paul has taught 12,000 yoga classes, led more than forty 200 hour professional teacher trainings and certified over 400 teachers. He is known in South Florida as “The Teacher of Teachers" and has been described by Yoga Journal as being "enthusiastic, convincing, reassuring…" His ability to joyously share yoga and non-duality with an absolute lack of dogma and judgment has inspired countless people.


Amy Dannheim is the co-founder of Tropical Vinyasa and one of Miami Beach's favorite teachers. Amy has been teaching yoga since completed her training with her teacher, Paul Toliuszis in 2010. Her popular classes serve up a great message, music and creative inspiration drawn from her personal practice and frequent travels. Amy uses experiences from her background in management, events and marketing to share on finding your authentic self, personal development and how to be successful in the business of yoga. She is known for her down to earth approach as she leads yoga events, workshops and retreats around the globe.